CR36 Kuormain

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Specifications for CR36 Kuormain

Nosturin riipuke (BR0) Without brake or (BR2) Double brake
Koura (C0) Ilman kouraa or (C16) Grapple for logs 0,16 m2 (FL) or (C18) Grapple for logs 0,18 m2 (FL)
Hydrauliikka Kiinteä tuotto (Constant Flow) or Muuttuva tuotto (Load Sensing)
Ohjainlaite (A0) Ilman ohjausventtiiiä or (A4) 4/8 XY+2x el.on-off valve, Hydro-Control D3M, 190bar or (A7) 4/8 XYZ control valve, Hydro-Control, 190bar, (215 bar by request)
Kuormaimen alusta (B0) Without support legs or (B1) Support legs small FD type or (B2.1) support legs A type small, including 3-point connection
Accessories No accessories or (W1) Winch 1400 with radio control (winch valve integrated to A11-A41) or (W0) Main boom ready for winch
Protection Sleeves for Hoses Venttiilit A2-A7- 1,0 m vakio räjähdesukka or (PSH)Vain perävaunut operaattoritasolla - Pitkät letkusuojat

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