CR59 Crane

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Specifications for CR59 Crane

Grapple (C0) Without grapple or (C18) Grapple 0,18 m2 or (C23) Grapple 0,23 m2 or (C36) Energy Grapple 0.21 or (GB23) Gravel bucket for C23 grapple 0,24 m3
Supply of Hydraulics Constant Flow hydraulic or Load Sensing hydraulic
Control Unit (A0) Without control valve or (A4.2) 4/8 XY+2x el.on-off valve, Bucher HDS16, 215bar or (A11) 2/8 Pre-hydraulic,+2x el.propo, Parker P70, 215bar or (AH020.38) El. propo, Hydro-Control Ex-38, 215 bar without Joysticks and control set or (AH20.38) El. propo, Hydro-Control Ex-38, WK18 controller, 215 bar with Caldaro Joysticks (LS compatible, speeds and ramps adjustable via speed/ramp adjustment tool, sold separately) or (AH25.38) El. propo, Hydro-Control Ex-38 valve block, Parker MC43 controller, 215 bar with Parker IQAN LC6 Joysticks with CAN modules, Parker MD3 display, 3 x cable set (LS compatible, speeds and ramps adjustable via MD3 display) or (AH26.38) Radio control IMET and Hydro-Control Ex-38 valve block, 215 bar
Crane Base (B0) Without support legs or (BF1) Support legs CR47-CR69+ Flap down type
Accessories No accessories or (W1) Winch 1400 with radio control (winch valve integrated to A11-A41)
Protection Sleeves for Hoses (PSH) Trailer with operator stand - Long Hose Covers or Without operator stand - 1,0 m standard Hose Covers
Work Lights with protection on extension boom, 2pcs (L1) Worklights Yes or No
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