Quality with over 50 years of experience

By now, many of Farmi Forest’s customers and importers are into their second generation of working with FARMI products. We use only the highest quality raw materials and the industry’s most cutting-edge components in our products. Our production machines represent the latest in technology, and information technology is utilised in all operations. Farmi’s quality is ensured by the company’s highly trained, proficient staff. The quality system conforms to ISO 9001 standards and has been certified since 1994. We invest heavily in product development. The resulting technical solutions for many of the products are born from cooperation with end-users, with the goal of improving customer productivity.

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Efficient wood transport and clean bioenergy

FARMI products have traditionally been so-called host-line machines, for which the standard farm tractor’s area of use has been expanded to forestry. The farm tractors of today are larger than before, as a result of which the product family has added larger cranes for wood processing as well as forest pole trailers. The FARMI product family includes wood chippers, log trailers and wood cranes, felling heads, skidders, winches and wood processors. With these products, Farmi Forest enables its customers to produce and transport clean domestic bioenergy from stump to furnace.

Farmi Forest Oy's milestones – long traditions in developing Finland’s forestry technology

 1962        The Sarvela brothers establish the Peltosalmen Konepaja workshop

 1967        Finland’s first forestry tractor – Farmet – is launched

 1972        The first log trailer innovations

 1980        Cranes and log trailers brought to the market

 1982         50,000 winches delivered

 1985         Wood chippers are launched and the first Farmi Trac track forwarder delivered to customers

 1990        First 4WD log trailer for contracting

 2002        Farmi Forest Corporation becomes a subsidiary of Normet Group

 2008        First Profdrive timber trailer launched

 2012        Farmi Forest celebrates 50 years as a forest industry pioneer

 2014         CH100 chipper model launched

 2016        CH27 chipper model launched

 2018        Smart feed control system for chippers

 2018         FT15-2 frame timber trailer launch

 2019        New cranes launched


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