Our multi-purpose log trailers for tractors and timber trailer combinations, awarded in many different tests, meet many demands, including those of forest harvesting professionals and the forest owners as well as farmers. Farmi Forest’s log trailers are durable, agile and stable, also on difficult terrains. 

FARMI log trailers are known for their outstanding usability, functionality and durability. The trailers have been calibrated so that their own weight is proportional to the size of the load compartment. This ensures making smooth progress, also when the trailer is loaded. 

Low centre of gravity creates balance

Our log trailers have been designed with the aim to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. The purpose is to ensure that the trailer’s operation is balanced, also when it is empty. The low centre of gravity has been achieved with an optimal design and calibrated load compartment as well as by bringing the crane’s anchor point as low as possible and close to the trailer frame. This gains particular importance when the log trailer is equipped with a crane. Timber trailers without a crane also operate in a balanced way when the crane is attached directly on the trailer body with fittings. 

Good control system creates safety

In a single beam log trailer, the position of the bogie frame and removable banks can be adjusted depending on the length of the timber being transported and the required shaft weight. The manufacture of FARMI trailers has involved investments in quality. The parts we use are dimensionally accurate and carefully manufactured. This is visible to users as steady operation and torsional rigidity when crossing obstacles. The torsional rigidity is akin to s a 2-beam frame structure.

All of our trailers are equipped with a 2-cylinder articulated drawbar steering system with plenty of turning force. The steering system has been designed for safe and controlled operation. It operates smoothly and facilitates working on sloped terrain if the trailer needs to be turned while empty.

Wide range of accessories

A wide range of accessories is available for our log trailers. All trailers, with the exception of our smallest model, FT9, can be equipped with a roller drive, hub drive or axle drive. The log trailers’ pump units also ensure sufficient yield and oil flow for both trailer drive and crane operation. The oils of the tractor and the timber combination will not get mixed, preventing impurities from circulating easily.