FARMI skidder winches have been developed with nearly 60 years of experience. The sturdy structure of the winches ensures a long service life and outstanding operability. FARMI’s winches are characterised by their high cable capacity, smooth cable winding, compact structure and reliable operation, whatever the conditions. They are safe and high-performance machines that can be used in a variety of forestry applications.

We have developed accessories needed for skidding so that you can work smoothly whatever the conditions. This increases your work productivity and gives your tractor the best possible performance. Our winch range includes the right product for the skidding of untrimmed solid wood, trimmed solid wood as well as logs. 

Why choose FARMI's winches?

  • FARMI’s winches provide an excellent solution for even the most challenging work sites, as

    • FARMI winches enable controlled harvesting in a built environment – the winches aid both felling and skidding activities

    • tractors or forestry tractors will not run in a difficult terrain – however, FARMI winches can harvest wood in such places, including in mountainous and damp areas

    • We have been manufacturing winches ever since 1963, and our experience ensures that we will provide you with solutions that work.

  • The automatic drum brake ensures easy cable retraction. In sudden stops, the brake slows down the drum rotation and prevents the cable from becoming tangled.

  • Good winding – a long distance from the upper pulley to the drum is important to achieve a smooth and reliable winding.

  • Our winches have a wide, strong and well-shaped dozer blades.

  • The clutch is reliable, even in wet conditions.

  • We also offer a lot of accessories for FARMI winches.

Winches for tractors

Winches with a ratchet brake

The mechanism in our winches with a ratchet brake includes locking a wire reel using a mechanical ratchet system. The reel has a ratchet mechanism; a pawl catches against the gear, brakes and locks the reel. The winches are powered by a rotational axis, transmitted directly from the tractor. Our winches with a ratchet brake have a reliable and simple structure.

Winches with a safety brake

Our winches with a safety brake mechanism have been constructed in accordance with Central European safety requirements. The wire reel in the winch is surrounded by a brake band automatically switched on once winching ceases. These winches are an excellent fit for full-time or part-time contracting.

Hydraulic winches

The machinery of a hydraulic winch operates on a hydraulic engine, the hydraulics are powered by the tractor. The hydraulic winch is usually installed to the tractor nose. It also serves as an additional weight and is always with you if you need additional tractive force for your tractor..