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CH10 Chipper
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CH10 is a disc model wood chipper that is light but has a sturdy structure and is suitable for landscaping branches, tree crowns and small tree trunks. The infeed chute is a drop-down chute to which it is also easy to feed short materials.
W30F Hydraulic Winch
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Handy and compact hydraulic winch, pulling force 3 t, assembly in front of the tractor
W50R Winch
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A robust and reliable winch suitable for versatile use. The W50 winch has 5 tonne tractive force and is one step sturdier than W35.
SUPPORT LEGS, for CR37, CR47, A-Type
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Light and simple A-type support legs with 3-point linkage.
FT9 Trailer
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Qualified and classic Farmi 9-ton forest trailer - durable and stable. Lasts over the generations.