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The FARMI log trailers are durable, agile and stable, also on difficult terrains.

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FT9 Trailer
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Qualified and classic Farmi 9-ton forest trailer - durable and stable. Lasts over the generations.
FT11 Trailer
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Efficient forest trailer with 11-ton loading capacity. Proven Farmi single frame construction sustains Your success in forest and municipalities. A wide range of options allows meeting your needs.
FT13 Trailer
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Legendary forest trailer with 13-ton loading capacity and simple, but reliable single frame construction. The basic package includes the screen, tires, and three bolsters. As an option can be chosen 4WD or 2WD drive, hydraulic unit, and much more.
FOREST TRAILER, Metko, APF, Chameleon City
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Hook Lift trailer Chameleon City. Two frame trailer with hook lift device, 2 brakes and 500/17 wheels. Platform with bolster pins is not included into price.
CT15 Hook Lift Trailer
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Multifunctional trailer platform for a variety of work. A double frame hook lift trailer with 12-ton loading capacity includes tires, bogie locking mechanism, electronic and mechanic hook lift control unit, and hydraulic steering for drawbar.
PROFDRIVE Trailer (PD12)
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Full-drive trailer with 12-ton loading capacity including tires, screen, and three bolsters, support legs, hydraulic unit, and control unit for the crane and the trailer.