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Firewood Processors

The design of the FARMI firewood processors is based on effortless use, productivity and safety.


Pilkemaster EVO 36
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Pilkemaster EVO is a powerful and secure firewood processor that can be configured to meet your needs. EVO36 has 2-8 or 2-10 ton adjustable splitting force. You can also choose EVO 36 HC Lite which has hydraulically operated splitting knife or EVO36 HC which has saw, hydraulically operated splitting knife and hydraulic feeding roll.
Pilkemaster SUPER
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Pilkemaster Super is an automatic firewood processor featuring a cutting blade. The logs can be up to 20 cm thick, and the length (max. 50 cm) of the finished firewood is effortlessly adjustable with a hydraulic control valve. 3.6 meters Conveyor. The feed rollers have enough capacity to convey even the largest logs into the machine. The rollers feature emergency stop and reverse functions.
Pilkemaster GO!
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Pilkemaster GO! firewood processor is designed for easy transportation and takes very little time to prepare for operation after transport. Equipped with a combustion or electric engine and a transportation platform suitable for road usage. Brakes available as an accessory. Standard platform without brakes. With 6.5 tons of splitting force, it can split logs of up to 30 cm / 11.8” in diameter.