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The FARMI wood cranes have been designed for demanding logging activities, but also suit for general agricultural use.

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SUPPORT LEGS, for CR37, CR47, A-Type
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Light and simple A-type support legs with 3-point linkage.
SUPPORT LEGS, CR37-CR69, Double lock valve cylinders
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The new Farmi flap-down support legs for the cranes CR37-CR69.
CR37 Crane
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The smallest Farmi crane is a handy and multipurpose tool for easy contracting.
CR89 Crane
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CR89 is an efficient and high-performance crane with two extensions. The crane range is 9.0 m, gross lifting moment 75 kNm, and turning force 19 kNm. The crane’s lifting capacity is 4 m / 1,160 kg, 440 kg at the maximum extent. A robust and powerful die-cast gear house. The oil drain cap makes maintenance easy. Standard equipment includes a lift cylinder cover, welded installation sockets for a crane winch, and an electrically controlled valve on the side of the crane boom.